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NCWorks NextGen is pleased to announce our new TRANSFORMe Mentoring Program. The mentoring program is designed to connect caring adults and program participants together to develop a positive relationship, provide support and increase participants' overall success.

Become a Mentor - Apply Now

Mentors are caring individuals that provide emotional support, counsel, friendship, motivation and serve as a positive role model for our young adults (ages 17-24). The goal of the mentors is to help participants develop the attitudes and skills needed to become successful in their personal and professional lives, empower them to make better life choices, and help them overcome personal and employment barriers that will enable them to succeed.



  • 25 years of age or older

  • Willing to meet with youth regularly every month for a year

  • Willing to submit application and background check

  • Open to working with youth from diverse backgrounds, including criminal backgrounds

  • Adhere to all program policies and procedures

  • Willing and active listener

  • Encouraging, supportive, patient and flexible

  • Tolerant and respectful of individual differences

Become a Mentee - Apply Now

As a NCWorks NextGen program participant, you have the opportunity to develop a positive relationship with an experienced adult and get the support you need to meet your professional and personal goals.


  • Learn about different career paths

  • Increase confidence and self-awareness

  • Expand professional and personal networks

  • Improve skills sets

  • Gain support while you work towards your goals

  • Get access to resources and organizations


  • Be an active participant in the mentoring relationship

  • Meet with your mentor every month for a year

  • Enjoy the experience

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