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Aspiring Neonatal Nurse

By: Ashley Carter, Career Coach

Industry: Health Science

NCWorks NextGen Success Story: Angel
Angel celebrating her recent admission to NCCU

Angel joined the #NextGen program in February 2019 during her senior year at Hillside High School. While completing her senior year, Angel did an amazing job of providing for her now four-year-old daughter and working in her career pathway interest in #childcare.

Angel has set a great example for other participants who are parenting and still want to pursue their goals. ~Ashley C., Career Coach

In March 2019, Angel completed her career pathways training and was able to start a work experience with The Learning Experience (TLE) as a childcare worker. At TLE, she spent time working in the infant and toddler rooms providing them with care, support and learning opportunities through play. Angel was so dedicated to accomplishing this goal that she attended school in the mornings and her work experience in the afternoons.

In June 2019, while still completing her work experience, Angel received her high school diploma and graduated with honors! She also excelled at her work experience and was offered a full-time position as a counselor for TLE Summer Camp.

While most high school graduates were taking the summer off, Angel worked the entire summer until it was time to go to college. In August 2019, Angel began her college journey at North Carolina Central University (#NCCU). She is currently in the #nursing program and hopes to become a neonatal nurse so she can help newborn infants with a variety of problems ranging from prematurity to surgical problems.

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