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Certification + Degree = Opportunities!

Brittany overcomes multiple obstacles to achieve her dreams

Written by: Kima Sidberry

Brittany has shown so much growth throughout the years and the challenges she has faced has helped her to be the woman she is today.

“Brittany has been with me since I started as a career coach and she’s been someone who has always strived to be better at whatever is put in front of her. She has never let anything get in her way and sets a great example for her children.” ~ Kima Sidberry

In the Beginning

Brittany started out with the YES program in 2016 and continued with #NCWorks #NextGen in 2017. While in NextGen, she has shown leadership and determination. Brittany has always been someone her career coach could count on to attend events, share knowledge about the program and use what she has learned in her daily life.

Finding Her Career

In January 2018, Brittany started her work experience with Ms. Tameka Brown at the H.E.A.R.T.S Foundation as an Administrative Assistant. After her work experience, she wanted to find a job where she could help others just like she did at H.E.A.R.T.S. Brittany did her research and found an interest in becoming a peer support specialist. In May 2018, Brittany started her NC H.O.P.E Peer Support Specialist class. Within six weeks, she had received her certificate of completion for the NC H.O.P.E 40-hour Peer Support Specialist Certification Training. In August 2018, she completed the Wellness Recovery Action Plan 20-hour course and received her certificate as a North Carolina Certified Peer Support Specialist.

While completing her work experience with H.E.A.R.T.S, attending all NextGen events, pursing her associate degree and certification in peer support and being a role model to her daughter, Brittany was pregnant with her second child. She never let her pregnancy stop her from completing her goals. She delivered her baby girl in mid-September 2018 and soon after received a job offer as a Certified Peer Support Specialist with B & D Integrated Health Services. Brittany graduated on March 30, 2019 with an Associate Degree in Health Information Technology at the Ultimate Medical Academy in FL. Brittany has been a great example for young women in the program who may be facing some of the same obstacles she has in the past, which is why she was awarded with the Big Boss/Leadership Award at the NCWorks NextGen Youth Choice Awards Program.

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