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Dejah, working mom and student

At the time of enrollment on February 14, 2020, a pregnant Dejah had become homeless and was living in a shelter with her baby boy. She had her mind set on getting housing but needed sustainable employment for that goal. She actively participated in professional development workshops, completed pre-employment training, and was able to get a job with the help of the #NCWorks #NextGen team.

Within months, Dejah was provided additional resources for housing (through a partner agency) and moved into her own apartment. With this accomplished, Dejah set her sights on college. Initially undecided on a school and major, Dejah completed research and decided to enroll at Keiser University as a health science major. After delivering her second baby boy, she was ready to continue with her career plans. Dejah is back working as a Medical Receptionist at a local nursing home, attending classes and enjoying being a mom to her two boys.


“Dejah is a joy to work with and does not let barriers or obstacles keep her from achieving her goals.” -- Ms. Ashley

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