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Determined to Become an Automotive Mechanic

By: Crystal Taylor, Lead Career Coach

Industry: Auto Mechanic

NCWorks NextGen Success Story: Travondre
Travondre prepares and participates in the NextGen Fall Hiring Event (October 2019).

After graduating from high school, Travondre attended the Earl C. Clements Job Corp in Morganfield, KY. While there, he received numerous certifications in #automotive repair. Once he returned home, Travondre faced barriers with living at home with his mother, grandmother and six siblings. He felt the need to become financially stable.

On October 2019, Travondre joined the #NextGen program. His main goal was #employment and obtaining his driver’s license. Since being enrolled, Travondre has taken the initiative to attend all required pre-employment classes and participate in our Annual Youth Hiring Event, where numerous companies performed on the spot interviews. Even without his driver’s license, he does not make any excuses and takes full advantage of receiving bus passes when needed.

Travondre was able to find a work experience with Morrison Community Living as Dishwasher. Upon his successful completion, he was offered permanent employment with the opportunity to work his way up to a Chef position. Although he has gained employment, Travondre is still determined to obtain his driver’s license and put his automotive certifications to use. Travondre has the drive and motivation to continue to be successful. No matter the barrier, he has never made an excuse and continues to work hard so he can reach all the goals he has set for himself.

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