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Displaced student finds hope in construction industry

Will joined the #NCWorks #NextGen program in February 2020 with the hope of getting a career in the construction industry. Shortly after joining the program, he was displaced from his home in McDougald Terrace. But Will didn’t let the obstacles of temporarily living in a hotel room stop him from achieving his dreams. He faithfully attended a weeklong Career Pathways training, which allowed him to refresh his employment skills. He also attended monthly professional development workshops and volunteered at the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina with other NextGen participants.


“Will is an easy going, honest and dependable young man. I love his focus and determination to build a better life for himself.” – Ms. Yolanda


Things were looking great for Will and in early March 2020, he was able to complete a Job Shadow with Labor Panes to determine if working with them would be a great fit. Shortly thereafter, the COVID-19 pandemic started to overwhelm everyone. Will might have thought he wouldn’t be able to work for a while, but NextGen was able to secure him an internship with Labor Panes. Will joined them as a Professional Window Washer, cleaning residential and commercial buildings. During his internship, Will was always on time, if not the first person to arrive. He thoroughly enjoyed the work he was doing and being with the company. After completing 400 hours with Labor Panes, Will was offered a permanent full-time job with them. Since securing permanent employment, Will has been focused on moving into a new apartment and providing a better future for his daughter.

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