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Durham Center for Senior Life Invests in Youth

By: Anthony Rogers, Outreach Specialist

Industry: Health Science

NCWorks NextGen Success Story: Durham Center for Senior Life
Durham Center for Senior Life exposes Jasmine to the healthcare industry

Durham Center for Senior Life (#DCSL) is an independent, non-profit organization that

provides an array of programs and services for older adults. On January 18, 2019, Tiketha

Collins - Director of the Adult Day Program, contacted the #NextGen program to inquire

about filling some their vacancies. She had learned about our program through an

Internet search and was interested in partnering with us. After a couple of meetings to

learn about each other's programs and how we can assist one another, Tiketha signed a

work experience agreement on January 29. She expressed a strong desire to work with

our youth while giving back to the community.

Since signing the agreement, Tiketha has been able to work with and mentor Jasmine,

who had previous experience in the #medical field. From that relationship, DCSL has

been able to get the assistance they needed in the center and Jasmine has been able

to grow and learn in a nurturing environment. Jasmine continues to work part time at

DCSL and intends to enroll at Durham Tech in Spring 2020 to begin her journey of

becoming a registered #nurse. Jasmine has been offered a permanent part-time position

at DCSL and Tiketha has made it very clear that they will be supportive of Jasmine as

she enters the next phase in her life. Tiketha has also expressed interest in continuing to

work with our young adults who desire to work in the #healthcare industry.

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