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From Student to Beautician, In A Year!

Aisha joined the NextGen program in May 2018, and she has taken advantage of every opportunity that the program has offered her and more. Aisha came into the program as a high school graduate, and she already knew what she wanted her future to look like. When Aisha enrolled in NextGen although she was pregnant with her daughter, she never let that get in the way of following her dreams of becoming a licensed Cosmetologist. Aisha knew she wanted to attend Cosmetology school and was willing to put in the work to accomplish that goal. With the help of NextGen Aisha was able to complete her training at World of Excellence Beauty College. Halfway through her training Aisha took a leave of absence from school and welcomed her daughter Kimora to the world. Aisha never lost focus of what her goal was and was able to use her daughter as motivation to complete her training. Aisha always made sure that she communicated everything that she was dealing with and never hesitated to ask for help, because of this Aisha has proven she has what it takes to be successful in anything she sets her mind to. Aisha passed her Practical exam on May 20, 2019 and was now one step closer to reaching her goals. On June 8, 2019 Aisha walked across the stage as a proud World of Excellence Beauty College graduate. Although she was now a graduate, Aisha knew she wasn’t completely done and had one more goal she had to complete. As June 15 approached, Aisha prepared to take the State of North Carolina Theory exam. This was the final step needed for her to become a Licensed Cosmetologist. Not only did Aisha pass, but she surpassed the score needed and proved that no obstacle is too big when you focus on your dreams. Aisha is now a Licensed Cosmetologist in the State of North Carolina and is self employed as a Beautician and Eyelash Technician at E-Styling in Durham, N.C.

Aisha at her Graduation from World of Excellence Beauty College

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