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Future culinary arts star


“Kimberly is accountable and a joy to work with. I admire her tenacity to keep going even when life issues cause a delay in progress.” – Ms. Ashley


Kimberly entered the #NCWorks #NextGen program in July 2018. After dropping out of high school in 9th grade, Kimberly was determined to get her #GED. She attended Durham Literacy Center (DLC) to receive help and tutoring for the #HiSET exam. Kimberly struggled with health issues the entire time she attended DLC causing her to miss classes, but she was determined to finish. During this same time, she also attended most of the NextGen monthly professional development workshops including team building skills, mentoring and financial literacy. From the time she enrolled, her dream was to pursue a career in culinary arts. Kimberly completed an internship with Ninth Street Bakery and has worked part time jobs within food services. In April 2020, Kimberly completed her GED with DLC. Currently, Kimberly is still working a part time job but plans to attend Durham Technical Community College to pursue studies in Culinary Arts.

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