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Meet Cristian, Future Electrician

From student to electrician helper within three months!

Cristian, Electrician Helper at Baker Power
Cristian is loving his new job with Baker Power.

Cristian joined NCWorks NextGen in July 2018 after graduating high school. He has been such a great example to the other youth in the program. From the beginning, he had three goals: complete the JATC Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship, get employed in his career pathway as an electrician and enroll in the JATC Electrical Apprenticeship program. Cristian woke up at 6am every morning to make it on time to the Pre-Apprenticeship. He showed determination and drive throughout the whole program. He graduated from the JATC Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship September 7, 2018 with First Aid, Basic Life Support, OSHA 10 and JATC Pre Apprenticeship certifications. Shortly after September 12, 2018, Cristian was hired full time with Baker Power as an Electrician Helper.

“NextGen really helped me to get to where I am; they really look out for the community.”

Sweet success and the future

Cristian has earned everything he has received since he joined NextGen and with his work ethic he will be nothing short of amazing. He plans on attending the Apprenticeship program at Durham Tech in January 2019 to help him gain more knowledge and experience as an electrician. After he graduates the program, he wants to attend the University of North Carolina to study project management. Cristian has a bright future of ahead of him and has been a great addition to the NextGen program.

“I thank the JATC for introducing me to Ms. Kima and her for helping me enroll into the program where the success was born.”

This blog was written by Career Coach, Kima Sidberry.

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