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Overcoming Homelessness

By: Crystal Taylor, Lead Career Coach

Industry: Hospitality & Tourism, Retail

NCWorks NextGen Success Story: Quantez
Quantez starting his new job with Lowe's Home Improvement

Quantez was enrolled into the #NextGen program on August 19, 2019, as a referral from

#UrbanMinistries, where he was residing. Quantez moved to #DurhamNC from Roanoke

Rapids after facing some legal issues and found himself homeless. With all his barriers,

he stays motivated and determined to make steps towards having a positive future.

From the beginning, Quantez had a plan on how to accomplish his goals. He knew that

he wanted to take #carpentry classes at #DurhamTech and needed permanent

employment as well. Quantez never let his background stop him from applying for jobs

and attending job fairs. With that determination, Quantez was able to secure not one

but two jobs! Quantez obtained his first job at Bull City Burger and Brewery on August

24 as a server. Then on September 6, he started full time employment at Lowe’s Home

Improvement as a customer service associate. On September 19, he signed his lease for

his own apartment! The next steps for Quantez will be to enroll in the carpentry program

at Durham Tech for the Fall 2020 semester.

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