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Sean Ford's Success Tip: "Check Your Ego"

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

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NCWorks NextGen August 2018 Rap Session
Setting Boundaries with Sean Ford of Aramark (Photo Credit: NCWorks NextGen)

Many thanks to Sean Ford of Aramark for sharing his time and expertise with our youth.

Are you the best version of you at work? How do you display professionalism in the workplace?

In case you missed it...

On August 16, 2018, Sean participated in the #NCWorks #NextGen monthly #RapSession. These sessions feature different topics and community partners with the purpose of helping our youth learn new skills. This month, Sean shared information on Aramark, how large the organization is and how his team supports the Duke University Hospital. In addition, he coached our youth on the importance of separating personal life from the workplace. A few success tips included:

  1. Check your ego (See the Jocko Willink video, What Discipline Really Means)

  2. Watch what you say and how you say it

  3. Be aware of your audience

  4. Avoid gossip (See the Jocko Willink video, Haters: Ignore and Outperform Them)

More importantly, he stressed the importance of having open lines of communication, mutual respect for each other and building trust -- all of which helps to develop a strong, professional team in the workplace.

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