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Sierra Structures Grants Second Chances to Youth

By: Anthony Rogers, Outreach Specialist

Industry: Construction

North Carolina based Sierra Structures specializes in residential and commercial fence #construction, decks, and screened porches. In December of 2017, I walked into Sierra Structures with the hope of securing a youth with no experience a job opportunity. The owner, Ken Meashey, understood the #NCWorks #NextGen program’s mission, was supportive and understood that some of our youth need a second chance.

Since then, Sierra Structures has opened up their doors, presenting countless opportunities to our youth. Our current intern with Sierra, Quantez has thrived and fit right in with the team. He knew he wanted to be in the construction industry and was just waiting until the right opportunity presented itself. Under the wing of Ralph Cordell, Supervisor of Operations and Logistics, Quantez has mentioned how much he is learning and greatly enjoying his experience.

Sierra Structures is committed to helping Quantez get to his next step in life.

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