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Single Mom Needs GED

By: Ashley Carter, Career Coach

Industry: Hospitality

NCWorks NextGen Success Story: Nateka
Nateka and her son, Prince, enjoying family time.

Nateka entered the #NCWorks #NextGen program as an 18-year-old single mom who needed her high school diploma, childcare and a job. She was uncertain about her future being a single parent but understood the value of an education. To help meet her education goals, Nateka enrolled in Achievement Academy and received tutoring to prepare her for the #GED test. Soon it became hard for her to attend classes consistently because she did not have childcare. The NextGen program was able to assist with childcare and provide Nateka with a work experience at the Play House Toy Store. Unfortunately, Nateka did not complete the work experience due to some health issues. Despite this, Nateka persevered through illness, lack of childcare and unemployment to receive her GED in June 2018. Since getting her GED, she has been enjoying time with her son and working at Another Broken Egg and Koyku. She is planning to attend Durham Technical Community College to study #hospitality in the Fall of 2020.

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