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Unstoppable Stylist

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

By: Ashley Carter, Career Coach

Industry: Cosmetology

NCWorks NextGen Success Story: Kia
Meet Kia, our newest cosmetologist

Kia, a graduate from North Carolina Central University, came to #NCWorks #NextGen mission driven to become a licensed #cosmetologist. Kia needed support and felt that she didn’t have any options after her school, Durham Beauty Academy, announced they were closing. When the school closed, housing became a new issue. She found herself in need of a place to stay and possibly having to start her #cosmetology training over.

“Kia was my first enrollment and she came with determination and perseverance. She has been a joy to work with and I am very proud of her success.” ~Ms. Ashley

Overcoming multiple barriers

Kia was distraught when she came to ReCity and with tears in her eyes she wanted to know if NextGen could help her. After enrolling in our program, Kia completed our career pathway training and developed a plan to complete cosmetology training at World of Excellence. She was eligible for financial assistance with tuition, but would still need to find housing and a job. Kia did just that and within weeks, she was working and living with a friend. Kia worked full time while going to school full time and successfully completed all her cosmetology hours. Kia is currently in the process of taking her exam to become a licensed cosmetologist. She has said, “without NextGen she wouldn’t have been able to finish school.” Kia plans to work in a salon to gain more experience as a stylist.

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